Installing cabinet child-safety latches on drawers

So it was time to install another round of cabinet child-safety latches so Dominic wouldn't go through everything he shouldn't be in.  Kids.. 

Here is a photo progression of how I installed them on a drawer.  There's also a photo of one of the cabinets-- those are a bit easier, but in all, it's a pretty simple system to master in the first place. I hope Dominic doesn't think so.  ;)


Well, Dominic, meet your maker.  He's going to install some cabinet locks. 

Placement of the catch. 

Placement of the latch. 

Drilling some holes. 

Drilling some more holes. 

Screwing in the screws to secure the latch. 

Secure the catch with screws.

Catch secure. 

Testing out the alignment...

Perfect!  :) 

Had some supplies left over and thought that all went pretty easily, so I whipped together a few more drawers and cabinets. Here's the under-side of the sink cabinet.